Job Opportunities

We’re currently looking for new members to join us in an upcoming one-of-a-kind, ground-breaking, genre-defining high quality mixed reality (MR) game project in Shanghai studio. Come join us with our existing team to push the boundaries of immersive MR experiences.



Studio Department

Our location-based experiences are more scripted experiences than open world, interest in this type of design needs to be creator and vision keeper for the game concept.


1. Complete the creative direction of the content from story to game design to how the game looks, sounds and feels

2. Inspire and transform contextual ideas into ready-to-execute creative goals

3. Uphold the game’s vision throughout the production an keep the team involved

4. Interact directly with different department to manage the teams of artists, designers, and programmers

5. Cooperate with external peers to ensure consistency of vision

6. Work hands on the game with other developers, i.e. not only a paper designer

Essential Skills:

1. Passion in narrative-based story telling

2. 5+ years in the video game industry

3. Experience on a minimum of 1 shipped PC or console (3D games productions)

4. Familiar with Unreal Engine blueprint

5. Proficient in English (written and oral)

6. Inspirational team management skills

7. Able to work with multi-cultural staff in China

Bonus Qualifications:

1. Experience in virtual reality projects / location-based game contents

2. Good interpersonal and communication skills

3. Basic knowledge in photoshop / maya / 3dmax / z-brush

4. Experience in a cinematics department on AAA game project


Studio Department


  1. Design, implement, and maintain game features according to the game design to create a uniquely engaging VR experience

  2. Craft high quality code: clean, reliable, readable, reusable, extensible

  3. Create tools as necessary to support features/systems and improve team productivity

  4. Work in good cooperation with designers to implement fun, exciting gameplay features

  5. Work in good cooperation with artists to realize the game’s compelling visual art direction

  6. Pursue high production values to fulfill the overall game vision and help deliver the best user experience possible

  7. Deliver all milestone commitments on time

  8. Analyze and improve game performance

  9. Contribute your own innovative and original ideas

Essential Skills:

  1. 5+ years of development in Video Game Industry

  2. Strong knowledge of C++ programming and debugging

  3. Extensive experience with Unreal Engine, DVCS (Git and Mercurial), and programming IDE (Visual Studio, MonoDevelop, XCode)

  4. Proficient in English (written and oral)

  5. Ability to adapt to new technology and tools, solve difficult problems, and think creatively

  6. Passion for games and game development

Bonus Qualifications:

  1. Experience with VR, shader programming (HLSL), Blueprints

  2. Knowledge of SCRUM and Agile development methodology

  3. Knowledge of continuous integration methodology and tools (Jenkins)

  4. Basic knowledge in Photoshop

  5. Basic knowledge in 3D Modelling software (3DS Max, Maya, or Blender)


Studio Department


  1. Create tools and scripts for the art pipeline

  2. Create animation events and sequences

  3. Help integrate art assets including relevant animation in-game as an integral part of the asset delivery pipeline

  4. Maximize existing tools and engine capabilities

  5. Bridge communication between artists and engineers, and offer the technical support to help the team reach visual target goals

  6. Mentor team members by giving constructive technical feedback and support

  7. Create as necessary visual scripts (Blueprints, Materials, etc)

  8. Analyze and improve game performance

  9. Troubleshoot for art team

Essential Skills: 

  1. 5+ years of development in Video Game Industry

  2. Strong knowledge of Unreal Engine or equivalent as well as 3D packages such as 3DS Max, Maya, etc

  3. Strong understanding of the theory and pipelines properly of Shaders, Lighting, Physics, Rendering, 4. 4. Effects, Animation, Rigging, Gears, Skin for organic and mechanical entities

  4. Experience creating animation assets in 3D animation apps such as CAT and CS

  5. Familiarity working with assets that use Physically Based Shading techniques

  6. Experience with DVCS (Git and Mercurial)

  7. Proficient in English (written and oral)

  8. Self-driven, responsible, and detail-oriented

  9. Ability to adapt to new technology and tools, solve difficult problems, and think creatively

  10. Passion for games and game development

Bonus Qualifications: 

  1. Knowledge of very complex animation setup/rigging

  2. Experience with MaxScript or MEL

  3. Knowledge of motion capture and has ability to manipulate Motion Builder

  4. Experience in other scripting and programming languages (XML, Lua, Python, etc)


Studio Department


  1. Take ownership for design in a breakthough VR project all the way from a paper design to a shipping product, iterating over time based on feedback, creative goals, and project deadlines.

  2. Prototype, iterate, and polish experiences while working with designers, artists, and other disciplines to ensure quality product

  3. Mentorship and sharing of expertise with junior level designers and other design staff.

Essential Skills: 

  1. 5+ years game design experience

  2. Passion in VR project and innovative game design

  3. Understanding of VR level design practices, including layout, pacing, technical implementation

  4. Previously involved in VR or shipped titles on PC, Xbox or PlayStation

  5. English speaker

  6. Moderate scripting ability

Bonus Qualifications: 

  1. VR experience is a plus

  2. Currently living in Shanghai and Chinese language skill is also a plus

  3. Experience in Unreal blueprints is a plus